The Pregnabit system allows you to record CTG recordings anywhere and at any time, especially at home. The Pregnabit system consists of a mobile CTG device and the Medical Telemonitoring Center service, in which qualified medical personnel analyzes the incoming CTG records on an ongoing basis and immediately contacts the patients. If the results are correct, patients are informed by SMS that the examination record is normal. However, in the event of incorrect records, the staff of the Medical Telemonitoring Center launches appropriate medical procedures, including calling an ambulance.

Pregnabit is a device that provides a full medical service, which the patient can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The product is intended for women in the third trimester of pregnancy, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

You can rent Pregnabit via our store, pay for the order and don’t worry about anything else, we will deliver it to you free of charge via DPD shipping within 48 hours! After rental expiry, the midwife will contact you to arrange the date of the pick up CTG Pregnabit. The delivery and return of the device is free of charge. The service is available in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

This medical device is intended for pregnant patients in their third trimester:

  • in order to early detect fetal distress resulting
    from increasing hypoxia and metabolic acidosis;
  • if fetal movements felt by the patient change;
  • in case of concurrent disorders: hypertension,
    diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, heart defects, thyroid disease, antiphospholipid syndrome,
  • in case of pregnancy complications: placental insufficiency, abnormal umbilical cord circulation, oligohydramnios, polyhydramnios, fetal intrauterine growth disorders, serological conflict, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, etc.;
  • with a history of intrauterine fetal demise;
  • women over age 35;
  • following a long-term infertility treatment;
  • whose due date has passed;
  • in case of abnormalities in previous CTGs;
  • in case of infectious diseases that prevent routine
    care of the pregnant woman or require increased assessment of fetal well-being;
  • who undergo oncological treatment .


  • active medical implants e.g. pacemaker (which may interfere with the device);
  • multiple pregnancies;
  • acute or chronic skin lesions and wounds in areas in contact with the device;
  • gestational age – CTG is not recommended before the 32nd pregnancy week unless otherwise decided by the physician;
  • allergies to latex or any other components of the Pregnabit Pro device that are in contact with the patient’s body;
  • it may be difficult to perform CTG in patients with a BMI over 30 before pregnancy as it is difficult to detect the FHR signal, in which case, continuous monitoring of the FHR value on the device display is recommended.

More information about pregnabit pro CTG device:
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technical specifications home CTG Pregnabit
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